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Ana Escalante

Ideal Coaching Mexico / Lead Trainer / MCC

Ana Escalante, MCC, co-trainer and master coach for Ideal Coaching Mexico,®™ is a business, executive development company and coaching academy. She is also the author of the personal transformational book and workshop, “Seven Seeds of Love and Abundance.”®™ Specialties: C-level executive development through coaching and training.

Kyla Rae Walstad

Director of Business Development / Building Your Coaching Practice Trainer

Kyla Rae is the Director of Business Development and “Building Your Coaching Practice” trainer/coach at Ideal Coaching Global. Kyla has always been fascinated by the human condition. Hence, her studies include philosophy, politics, business, economics, language, sociology, and a variety of other modalities. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with high honors in political theory. Instead of pursuing graduate school, she chose to travel, and has been doing so for the last eleven years. This provided her to a unique education from thinkers who exist outside of the box of formal education. Kyla now operates an online marketing and media company, Social Tribe Media & Marketing, which markets and creates media that supports in the distribution of knowledge for many of the teachers she has studied under. This led to working with Bettie Spruill in founding Ideal Coaching Global in the United States. She also has a private practice as an ICF certified, Ontological Coach through Ideal Coaching Mexico. Her emerging work is focused on inspiring entrepreneurs to live incredible lives by discovering and fulfilling their purpose, resulting in a deeper sense of personal freedom and abundance.

Xavier Lee

Executive Leadership Program Manager / NLP Trainer

Xavier Lee, MBA, is an international leadership trainer, business consultant, and executive coach specializing in high performance team building and mindfulness. Prior to joining Ideal Coaching Global as faculty and Head of Leadership and Executive Programs, Xavier created and co-led innovative executive leadership programs for international C-level executives in Silicon Valley. Drawing from a rich business and global leadership experience, Xavier specializes in helping leaders and individuals build high performance culture through enhancing emotional/social intelligence, mindfulness, and practical leadership skills in companies and organizations. In addition to having served in strategic planning and marketing positions at Fortune 100 companies such as American Express and Cigna, Xavier is certified as a certified mindfulness teacher, Master Trainer in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and Transformational Business Coach. Xavier received his MBA from Cornell University where he was awarded the prestigious Park Leadership Fellowship, and a BA in International Relations from University of California where he was also awarded a Full Army ROTC scholarship.

Chelsea Anderson Askey

Director of Business Services & Operations

Chelsea Anderson Askey, MSLM, PCC is the Director of Business Services & Operations at Ideal Coaching Global. Chelsea is an ICF credentialed Professional Ontological Life Coach currently working with ICG as a coach and mentor for ICG students and earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management with a specialty in Organizational Leadership with a Public administration emphasis from the University of LaVerne. In her private practice, Chelsea works with two diverse generations; seniors and adolescents. Chelsea’s clients move through life’s transitions such as: challenging family dynamics, peer pressure, grieving, loss, health issues, and diverse social conflicts. Chelsea also owns a non-profit specifically focused on adolescent mental health and wellness providing them resources to thrive. Since 2010, Chelsea has a successful, personal and business consultancy group whose team has been supporting a variety of industries with setting up business infrastructure, corporate compliance and ethics, legal assessments, team and human resource development, customer care and client retention models. She enjoys working with people invested in learning about and developing their purpose and finding ways of being a contribution in the World, whatever their contribution may be.

Merle McKinley

Ideal Coaching Global Program Manager / Somatic Trainer

Merle has been coaching since 1996. She is currently Program Manager and Senior Staff Coach for Ideal Coaching Global. Merle received her ontological and coach training with Fernando Flores, Ph.D., who she worked for over 22 years. In addition to being an executive coach with Dr. Flores’ consulting firm Business Design Associates, she participated on many business-process redesigns and performance-improvement teams. She is a Certified Somatic Coach through Strozzi Institute, which leads clients to discover their default and habitual behaviors and thoughts, freeing them up to achieve their ambitions and work skillfully with others. Merle also shares this coaching technique with students at Ideal Coaching Global. In her private coaching practice, Confluence, Merle focuses on assisting clients to discover a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction in their lives. Confluence is the act or process of merging. Through her coaching, confluence is achieved by focusing on the relationship of body and language and aligning the two. Among her personal achievements, Merle holds the rank of Shodan (Black Belt) in the martial art Aikido. She lives in Sonoma County, California.

Kevin Perry

Resident Philosopher

Kevin Perry does research in Indian and Western metaphysics, Buddhism, and ethics. He is on track to finish his Ph.D. by early spring 2016 in comparative philosophy. As a philosophy teacher who earned his B.A. at the University of California at Berkeley, working with pivotal thinkers like John R. Searle and Hubert Dreyfus, and later earning his M.A. and Ph.D. candidacy at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa studying Indian philosophy and Sanskrit, he has developed a diverse skill set. He teaches global-world philosophy, with emphasis on Asian and South Asian traditions. He also has a strong background in contemporary ethics, and the history of Western philosophy, recently publishing a sourcebook and thematic introductory philosophy text devoted to a diverse range of themes (free will, language, epistemology, time, love, God, and death, to name a few). He has also spent many years working on mindfulness training, meditation, and practical-embodied philosophy. He developed a background in transformative philosophy and ontology while studying the work of Martin Heidegger with Hubert Dreyfus at the University of California at Berkeley.

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