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Bettie J. Spruill

Bettie J. Spruill, CEO & Founder,  is ICG’s lead trainer, a world-renowned executive coach, management consultant and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in the field of transformational leadership. She is a certified Master NLP practitioner and a recognized thought leader in Ontological, Mindful, and Ecological Living. Bettie has designed and facilitated workshops in the domains of leadership, mastery, and effectiveness for communities in Russia, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, England, Hong Kong, Canada, Ghana, and the United States.

Ana Escalante

Ana Escalante, MCC is COO & Head of Coaching Programs with Ideal Coaching Mexico and the United States. Ana specializes in C-level executive development through coaching and training. As a former family therapist, Ana provides a deeper understanding of the human condition. She is also the author of the personal transformational book and workshop, “Seven Seeds of Love and Abundance.” Ana was the first woman in Mexico recognized as a Master Coach by the International Coach Federation.

Xavier Lee

Xavier Lee, CSO is Head of New Business & Partnerships at ICG. Xavier is an international business consultant, leadership trainer, and executive coach specializing in high-performance team building and mindfulness. He is a Master Trainer in NLP, certified by NLPU, Mindfulness Teacher certified by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Language and Behavior, Consultant, Limbic Coach®, and Transformational Business Coach. He specializes in helping leaders build high-performance culture through enhancing emotional/social intelligence, mindfulness.

Kyla Rae Walstad

Kyla Rae Walstad, PCC is CFO & Head of Creative Development at Ideal Coaching Global. Kyla has been an entrepreneur since the age of seventeen and was instrumental in co-founding the ICG coaching program in the United States. She works with current ICG students to build their own successful coaching practices, embody the mindset of entrepreneurship, and serve their clients fearlessly. Kyla also runs a social media and marketing company, along with several other successful enterprises. She lives in Colorado and enjoys traveling often.

Dr. Kevin Perry

Dr. Kevin Perry, Ph.D. is Ideal Coaching Global’s Resident Philosopher. Kevin’s research is focused on Indian and Western metaphysics, Buddhism, and ethics, and has his Ph.D. in comparative philosophy. He has also spent many years working on mindfulness training, meditation, and practical-embodied philosophy. Kevin developed a background in transformative philosophy and ontology while studying the work of Martin Heidegger with Hubert Dreyfus at the University of California at Berkeley.

Michelle Andrada

Michelle Andrada, PCC is the Director of Admissions at ICG and has been on the team for over 4 years. She supports potential students in taking committed and inspired action that sets them on their journey towards becoming a professional coach. Michelle has been coaching high-powered executives, business owners, and various professionals for over 17 years in her private coaching practice. She has always had a passion for supporting and empowering people’s contribution and leadership and is driven by her passion and purpose to serve others.

Lorinda Bartlett

Lorinda Bartlett, PCC is the Senior Coach at Ideal Coaching Global. She is responsible for the supervision of our coaches and managing the coaching program. Lorinda shares her expertise as a Cognitive Behavioral Coach with an Ontological and Ecological focus, helping her clients move forward to achieve their most important goals. Her background has provided her with a unique experience and the ability to focus on the importance of balancing mind, body, and spirit, allowing her clients to gain more confidence, live life according to their core values, and cultivate practices that increase their wellbeing and vitality.

Alberto Torres

Alberto Torres, PCC is the Senior Mentor at Ideal Coaching Global. He leads the mentoring team and is responsible for developing students’ coaching skills and competencies. Alberto is also a businessman, architect, and developer, who has been coaching entrepreneurs since 2013. His purpose in life is to serve and create awareness in any community in which he is involved. He believes in creating leaders who thrive with their teams through effective communication utilizing and professional coach competencies.

Adam Feibish

Adam Feibish

Adam Feibish, ACC is the Enrollment Coordinator at Ideal Coaching Global. In this role, Adam connects with potential students to orient, qualify and educate them on the unique offerings of our program. He has over 25 years of experience working at Fortune 50 companies, holds an MBA, and has a passion for developing effective teams, strong leaders, and meaningful results. Adam runs his own private coaching practice and is also a frequent volunteer offering pro bono coaching services at a renowned Personal Transformational Training center based in NY. He has two young children and lives in NJ.

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