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Bettie J. Spruill is known for generating results.  She has inspired and motivated millions of people with practical coaching tools for business and for life.  If you desire to master an area of your life, contact us today.

  • Ask questions, provide feedback, share your story etc. Tell us about why you are interested in becoming or finding a life/business coach. If you are interested in booking Bettie Spruill for an event, workshop, or coaching session, please leave the appropriate details.

Organizational & Business Coaching

“Business is constantly changing.  If you can’t adapt, then you can’t meet those changing needs and your business will suffer.” ~Bettie J.  Spruill

Mindful Leadership

The current world view is that you are separate.  But we all share the same space? Even nothing is something.  The space demands you to be something.  Mindfulness is key.  What are you bringing to the space?” ~Bettie J.  Spruill

High Performance Teams / Corporate Learning Programs

A high performance team is committed to making challenges possible and actualized.  Fail fast and fail forward.  Failure means you’re learning.  High performance teams are not afraid to fail.  Breakdowns are common and the team recovers quickly.” ~Bettie J.  Spruill

Certified Coach Training

“Coaching provides a new way to learn, through knowledge, practice, feedback, timing, and discipline.  The goal is to bring forth a new being.  To live a life that is possible for all people.  To have a disciplined and focused mind with a deep sense of, “I am perfect, whole and complete.” ~Bettie J.  Spruill

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