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Everyone is already a genius, but you have to practice to bring it forth. How you speak is a practice. 

Mindfulness is a practice. You are what you practice.” ~Bettie J. Spruill


ICF Certification Offered in USA and Mexico with Master Coaches Bettie J. Spruill  & Ana Escalante, MCC

The centerpiece of Ontological Living– is a nine month course designed to teach Bettie J. Spruill’s life work, alongside the International Coaching Federation standards, allowing you to become an internationally certified life and business coach.  During this innovative course, you will be mentored by Spruill and her team of professional coaches to embody the skills, practices, and perspectives of a world class coach. 

Ideal Coaching Global is a partnership of premier coaching experts, psychologists, and academics that offer you rigorously developed training in transformational, somatic, and life and business coaching. Founder, Bettie J. Spruill, PCC, is a world-renowned Master Coach, management consultant, and entrepreneur who has not only developed a unique approach to self-transformation and coaching, but has also anchored her work in mindfulness-training and team-building aimed at cultivating community and social transformation.

Ana Escalante, MCC, is also a certified coach and co-trainer for Ideal Coaching Mexico & Global. She is the author of the personal transformational book and workshop, “Seven Seeds of Love and Abundance.”®™ Specialties: C-level executive development through coaching and training.

Inventing value and meaning in our lives through the Ideal Coaching methodology nurtures our core connections to others, and heightens our capacity to communicate, make powerful requests, and grow our health, our business and finances, our relationships, and our integrity and well-being. The three-pronged approach of Ideal Coaching draws upon ontology, ecological-interdependence, and mindfulness-training.

During the course, you will practice both coaching and being coached.  Through mindfulness, leadership, and ecological exploration, you will learn how to co-create with other’s at extreme levels of effectiveness.  In the process, you embark on the possibility of transforming every domain of your life. 

Life and business coaching is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.  ICF coaches charge between $100-$500 dollars and hour.  During your certification, we will co-create a business plan for you to achieve tremendous success in the exciting career path of a professional coach.  Your success is our success, and if you invest in yourself, we will invest in you. 

A unique aspect of Ontological Living is the opportunity to learn in a rich cultural environment with people from around the world, exploring different perspectives and creating a global community.  In turn, your international certification builds momentum and possibility. 

To serve this purpose, Bettie has founded Ideal Coaching Global academies in Mexico and the United States.  Ideal Coaching Mexico partners with Amadi Solutions and is also ICF certified, in the heart of spectacular Mexico City.  If you choose Ideal Coaching Mexico, we will make sure you are set up to succeed in Spanish or English.  If you choose Ideal Coaching Los Angeles, the course is taught in English. 

What we offer:

    • Ontological Coaching program for life and business, with International Coach Federation certification (we are an ICF / ACTP accredited program)
    • Hands-on team-building exercises and somatic coaching
    • Cohort study groups guided by Ph.D. philosophers, expert coaches, and psychologists versed in ontology, speech-act theory, NLP, and the socio-biological nature of perception… Find out more about our team, Click Here.
    • Consulting teams that show you how to grow your coaching business, and provide effective marketing strategies, branding ideas, and networking opportunities
    • One-on-One mentorship and hands-on coaching hours
    • Learning modules that teach effective communication, building trust, enrollment/sales, and more
    • Affordable financing plans… Even for people with no credit or bad credit
    • A “Learners” track for those who want to study the power Ontology for life and Business without becoming an ICF certified coach
    • A community & professional network of coaches that remain here to support you even after you graduate
    • Most students find themselves living a life full of meaning, being in service to their communities while making a viable income
  • An opportunity to explore yourself deeply; your perspectives, worldviews, your limiting beliefs as well as your own genius. Be prepared to transform your own life in every domain, becoming a powerful and limitless context for your clients.


At Ideal Coaching Global, we are not just certifying coaches, but developing a transformational movement, one grounded in a sense of community, mindfulness, integrity, and quantum shifts in perception. We hope to provide tools for building a meaningful and more compassionate world. And we want to inspire coaches who view their business opportunities as occasions to serve the betterment of their community and show others how it is possible to design a life that matters rather than a life that “just happens.”

Upcoming United States Program – 2021!

October 15th – 17th, 2021  – 1st Conference

January 7th – 9th, 2022 – 2nd Conference

April 1st – 3rd, 2022 – 3rd Conference

June 24th – 26th, 2022 – Completion Conference

*Dates and locations subject to change given COVID-19 updates.

Upcoming Mexico City Program – 2021!


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“Ideal Coaching Global coaching program is genius! This program is designed in such a way that my life was transformed by the process of training to become a Certified Coach in Ontological Coaching. It feels like the training moved through me, and as such I have become an extension of what I have learned, which is masterful in that it’s a fluid transition that I get to pass on the my clients. Bettie, Anna and Kyla Rae care about the students in a way that goes far beyond having them have certification. They care about people and the world that we get to create and live in. Great program! Caring and thoughtful facilitators and staff.” ~Marsha Wood

“ICG opens up access to tools for living a life of possibilities and being possibilities.” ~Sherina Davis

“Ideal Coaching Global was a powerful learning experience. Bettie Spruill is a true master in the teaching of ontology. The value in this program goes far beyond being certified by the ICF. I’ve changed career paths into something that I love, shifted my ways of being, and discovered powerful distinctions that create a new world of possibilities in my life.” ~Kevin Kelpin

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ICF Certification

1) The core of Ideal Coaching Global is the four conferences you will attend.  These three-day workshops are spread over the length of the course, providing the foundation for experimental practice with both coaching and leadership.  You do not need to be local for all nine months, but you are required to attend each conference.   

2) 100 hours of coaching experience with a minimum of 8 different clients with whom the coach has a written agreement for the provision of coaching services.  A maximum of 20 of these hours may be pro-bono arrangements.  You will be mentored and coached during the 9 month program. 

3) Passing a live or recorded examination of their coaching at a PCC level of performance.   This examination will be evaluated according to the International Coach Federation’s Core Competencies.

ICF Core Competencies

A. Setting the Foundation
1. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement

B. Co-creating the Relationship
3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
4. Coaching Presence

C. Communicating Effectively 
5. Active Listening
6. Powerful Questioning
7. Direct Communication

D. Facilitating Learning and Results
8. Creating Awareness
9. Designing Actions
10. Planning and Goal Setting
11. Managing Progress and Accountability

Read More about Coaching Competencies – Click Here

Ontological Coaching Certification: ontology – mindfulness – ecology 

Additionally, you will receive a certification in Ontological Coaching – a unique method of coaching designed by Bettie J.  Spruill. 

“Ontology” refers to the study of our way of actually being in the world, that is, our practices and linguistic habits that shape the possibilities for our lives. Ontological training empowers us to transform these socially-constructed paradigms, and sharpens our capacity to see that what we do, what we think, and how we live is conditioned by the linguistic, ecological, and cultural space we’ve embodied in our practices.

By adeptly understanding the linguistic patterns and habits that shape this embodiment—the “speech-actions” that condition our possibilities in life—we more directly shape the world we live in, and empower ourselves to invent a reality that is meaningful, purpose-driven, fulfilling, and socially transformative.

Our team of expert coaches and philosophers provide both rigorous theoretical and practical training by offering a holistically-designed package of webinars, study-groups, conferences, hands-on training, mentorship, and business consulting.

Through your coaching practice, people have the opportunity to discover their own genius, strengthen their vision, face their fears, increase their income and their proficiency.  Many of our trained coaches and their clients also claim to experience a deeper sense of peace, purpose, and compassion.

Ideal Coaching Global is designed for you to have a quantum shift in your life, sculpting you as a leader while transforming the quality of your life and your organization.

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Organizational & Business Coaching

“Ecology, as a way of being and thinking, is a new paradigm. Everything is connected. If you change one part of the system, all will fall into place. Often people won’t let themselves have their results because they are too attached to their system. When the system is threatened, we back off. Until you can answer your own concerns ecologically, you won’t have results.” ~Bettie J. Spruill

Mindful Leadership

“In breakdown, there are new possibilities. When things stay the same, there are no possibilities. Great leaders listen for breakdowns before they happen. They expect them to happen. Fail fast and fail forward- failure means you’re learning. Leaders are not afraid to fail. Rather, leaders see every failure as a new possibility for success.” ~Bettie J. Spruill

High Performance Teams / Corporate Learning Programs

“What makes people excellent? When you can listen to assessments without defending or justifying yourself, you open possibilities. Your possibilities are connected to your team.” ~Bettie J. Spruill

Certified Coach Training – Sign Up Now

“People are often blind to their own language. Cognitive blindness holds people back from their full potential. Coaches provide clarity by assisting people in uncollapsing distinctions in language. Distinguishing language allows people to take effective action. It gives peace of mind, responsibility, authorship, power, and transformation: the ability to go beyond circumstances. ” ~Bettie J. Spruill

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