How to Access Infinite Abundance – The Ecology of Success

How to Access Infinite Abundance – The Ecology of Success

Let’s rethink success—together, as a human family inspired to build far-reaching bonds of intimacy and social and ecological community.

Emerging perspectives on what it means to find purpose and happiness in a radically tenuous global and technological context demands that we invent new sets of values, articulated through new sets of practices. 

The context is global climate change, social media, and the political and social upheavals in our interdependent global economy—where the haves and have-nots include whole ecosystems that are both intrinsically valuable, and essential to human flourishing. 

We want to think success in terms of new patterns, institutions, and language-practices that we, as interdependent, biological, and human communities, must co-create amidst our radical differences.

Success is located in practices that support a richer palette of life-forms, world-views, and creative endeavors. Success aims to enhance the context, rather than deplete it, to contribute to the world’s wealth, rather than simply consume it.   

An older paradigm would view success as controlling your world in order to get what you want— it would locate power solely in material acquisition, in things and resources removed from their enduring and larger ecological and social framework. 

But we invite you to view success as a dynamic relationship, rather than as an object or set of material acquisitions. We invite you to view success as a way of being—with nature, with ecosystems, and with friends and unknown partners in the making.

We invite you to view success as a life-driving rhythm supporting a dance of coordination and trust between human and non-human communities, a set of evolving practices that view opportunity as something other than manipulative exchanges and ambitions eager to stake their narrow and self-serving aims.

Because the geopolitical framework has been turned on its head, because social media and species-wide threats have forced us to rethink what it means to co-exist, we have the incredible opportunity to broaden the scope, and enhance the context in which our talents can flourish.

Interdependence provides us with a powerful opportunity to create new possibilities by demanding that we take greater responsibility, both for our own lives, and for the enduring ecological and social frameworks that support them.

A burgeoning human population and a landscape of depleted resources demands that we reinvent what it means to succeed.

It demands that we reach out to one another, not through wishful thinking and superficial comforts—but through inspired commitments.

May this disclose a space of rich creativity and inspiration, and may it illuminate what was always there to begin with: infinite abundance!

© 2016 Ideal Coaching Global, Kevin Perry & Bettie J. Spruill

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  • John C.

    This article was an interesting call to arms against the ecological unrest that pervades our modern society.

    I am still pondering whether this article is a challenge to capitalism or a reminder.

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