Design Your Life with Bettie J. Spruill

Design is not the specialized province of an elite few individuals. Designing and building a well-lived, meaningful life is possible for you and me.

We are finding that design is a fundamental aspect of living and being human, especially in a digital and pluralistic world. We use design here as a discipline for shaping our futures. More so than ever before, “good” design is a basic and needed skill in any profession as well as our daily lives. Designing is a mindset that can be learned and mastered at any age and at any time; however, it requires the cultivation and nurturing of the elements of mindful and ecological design.  

An ontological, mindful and ecological worldview is an element of social design and encompasses and actively supports thinking in the domains of relationality and creativity. By our very immersion in this worldview, we dwell in the world as active participants, working together, to generate our world with shared commitments and responsibility as we actively generate new meanings and possibilities for action.

We intend to examine the current understandings of designing, and to develop a new interpretation of design in this emerging worldview, that allows us to untether ourselves from the underlying narratives, practices and habits, language and perceptions that shape who we are, what we value, and how we live. Design, as a discipline and practice, begins with the reframing of the questions we’re asking.

Being mindful designers starts with the notion that the future is designable. Having a future makes us human. Living into a future as a possibility is an act of creation, power, and love.  We each have all the resources we need to design and invent our lives; however, we may not have access to those resources. By resources, we mean all the ingredients necessary to cultivate and shape a life with responsiveness, openness, and resolve.  Join us to gain access to the elements of “good design” and begin to gain mastery in what you are already doing.

One question to leave you with: What future are you living into?

Happy designing,


© 2018, Bettie J. Spruill, Ideal Coaching Global and Ontological Living, LLC

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