NLP for Effective Coaches & Leaders

People around the world question who they are, how they are doing, and how to love and live at their best.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a study that explores these questions, as well as…

-Becoming a more effective, dynamic, powerful coach, leader, speaker, or trainer
-Gaining deeper insight to the human condition and how the brain actually works
-Communicating more effectively and purposefully, making a bigger impact
-Reshaping your listening to go deeper with your clients

NLP goes beyond the ancient laws of life and incorporates a very practical and exquisite strategy for changing our realities so life works with ease. Using the phenomenal work of NLP, you learn precisely why you do what you do and gain elegant skills for developing rapport and being a better communicator, coach, teacher, executive, mate and much more. In this session we focus on universal “presuppositions” of behavior and the art of “modeling.”

Our four resident Master NLP practitioners will give you a bird’s eye view into this rapidly growing technology and how to use it with the universal laws. We are integrating the NLP work developed by Dr.Richard Bandler and John Grinder with the advancements in modeling by Tony Robbins with our background in transformational training and mindfulness, all in one impactful, online course.

We are called to share our mutual passion for people BECOMING who they really are and living their full potential. Through Ontological Living we are on a mission to attract and learn, with next-wave thought leaders, how to revolutionize how we play the game of life and connect with the Divine in each of us. Together, we can maximally accelerate our personal development and redefine what transformation really is; the sweetest way to experience life and the most intelligent way to live our purpose as humanity.

Find out more about our 8 hour, online NLP course for Effective Coaches and Leaders: Click Here.

DESIGNED FOR: Coaches, trainers, teachers, communicators, executives and consultants who are looking to increase their effectiveness, allow them to create bigger results, and position themselves to serve more people!

Other professionals and the general public with a strong interest in developing effective communication skills for to have better relationships, experience deeper personal transformation, and expand their skill set.

You’ll learn…

-Powerful techniques overcome fears and phobias
-What motivates yourself and others to live bigger, more fulfilling lives
-How to market yourself as an NLP coach- the same technique used by masters like Tony Robbins

Discover the value of NLP for Effective Coaches and Leaders: Click Here.

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